Halligan bar


• 100% Manufactured in the U.S.A. with American materials and craftsmanship

• This rugged Leatherhead Bar is perfect for ventilation, forcible entry or overhaul

• Available lengths: 24” 30” and 36”

• All forged design to last a lifetime

• Drop forged with high carbon steel, fully heat treated and zinc plated

 LB-24 24" Leatherhead Bar (Forged Halligan Type)
 LB-30 30" Leatherhead Bar (Forged Halligan Type) 30"
 LB-36 36" Leatherhead Bar (Forged Halligan Type) 36"
 LBM-24 24" Mini-Leatherhead Bar (50% Smaller than full size Halligan Bar) 24"