To assume the position of industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of fire and rescue hand tools through distributor and catalog channels, driven to bring value to customers, associates and our community.

To earn our customers’ trust by exceeding their expectations and making decisions driven by what is best for our customers

To conduct business with the highest standards of personal conduct and business ethics, always treating people the way we would want to be treated

To have our company grow as our associates grow professionally and personally, by maintaining an environment where people feel enabled to make decisions that help the company serve our vision by having faith in their judgment and decision-making, and by openly sharing information about our business and associate concerns

To constantly improving productivity by continuously looking for ways to eliminate roadblocks to make the job more efficient

To remain loyal to suppliers that provide us with innovative and quality products and services which are competitively priced and delivered on-time

To accept and embrace change that will better serve our customers, associates and community, and give us a competitive advantage

And to deliver without compromise what we promise to each other and to our customers.